I noticed that employees don’t know where to

I noticed that employees don’t know where to complain when it is related to resolving their EPF related issues. But luckily EPFO provided online grievance registration platform. You can easily lodge EPF related complaints online and track the same also.

Features of EPF Grievance Management System-Online EPF related complaint registration portal

Features of EPFO Grievance Management System where you can lodge EPF related complaints online are as below.

# Remember that to lodge the complaint you must have your EPF UAN number. Because, effective from 1st January, 2016 EPFO stopped to address complaints where employees not providing UAN numbers.

# You can raise the complaints against your employer (company) or concerned EPFO.

# You can lodge the complaint if you are EPFmember means an employee (if you know your EPF number or not), pensioner or employer. Therefore, you may say this as one platform for all.

# You can lodge the complaints related to below said issues.

# You can view the status of complaints online.

# You can send the reminders related to complaints if they are not resolved with your expected time.

# Timeline to set for resolving such grievance or complaints is 30 days. If you have not received the complaints, then you can raise the issue.

How to lodge EPF related complaints online?

# First visit the EPFO i Grievance Management System (EPFiGMS) portal at EPFiGMS. The screen looks like below.

# For registering the complaints, you have to click on the link “Register Grievance”. The screen looks like below.

Remember that the fields marked as “*” are mandatory to fill. If you don’t know your EPF number, then you can select the option as OTHERS.

# Next is to specify the grievance type and explain the same in detail. After filling all data submit the form.

# Once the process is over, then you will get the confirmation information as below.

You notice that the system provides you the Registration number (for your future reference), where the concerned complaint is transferred, Officer’s name, phone number and email id of the office.

These details also will be emailed to your registered email id.

# You can check the status after few days by clicking on View Status tab and providing the Registration number. Same way, you can send the reminders also.

This is the complete process of how to lodge EPF related complaints online, track and send reminders of your issues. I hope this will be helpful to many employees and pensioners.