Beginning April 30th, fans will be able to

Beginning April 30th, fans will be able to pre-order the upcoming Street Fighter Femmes Fatales – Chun Li Diorama Statue by Kinetiquettes. The new statue is part of a larger display that includes both Cammy and Juri. The 1/6 scale statue features Chun Li as she prepares to unleash her Kikosho special move. Pricing and release date have not yet been revealed. Check out some additional details below, and see the new photos after the jump.

Following the launch of the first two Street Fighter ladies produced by Kinetiquettes, the Femme Fatales diorama would not be complete without her. Be it for her iconic blue outfit and spiky bracelets, or for her lightning moves with her muscular legs, she is deemed “the first lady of videogames” and has made a legion of fans everywhere.

Our next Pre Order event features one of Capcom’s flag characters, Chun Li!
This 1/6 scale piece was designed to capture the character in mid-battle. Together with Cammy White, Chun Li strikes a very dynamic pose while she focus the Kikosho, one of her most devastating moves against Juri Han.

The concept was taken from the Super Street Fighter IV intro sequence and the sculpture was done by the talented Wandah K – Tioxic.

Pre Orders will be extremely limited and will take place on April 30th 11pm Singapore time. Orders placed directly in Kinetiquettes website will also come with an exclusive artprint. Owners of the other Femme Fatale statue have special discounts on Chun Li’s purchase. Contact us for more info!