Photos of the finalized Street Fighter Femmes

Photos of the finalized Street Fighter Femmes Fatales Juri Han 1/6 Scale Diorama Statue have been released by Kinetiquettes. The statue will be part of a larger diorama display for fans who collect all three statues. For the full diorama, fans will need to purchase Juri, Cammy and Chun-Li to form the Femme Fatales Street Fighter Display.

“You’ll have to try harder than that. Come at me ready to kill!”

This is it, the wait is over. Femme Fatales project was revealed some months ago and a lot of people were looking forward for kinetiquettes diorama featuring those iconic female characters from the Street Fighter franchise.

The first lady to be featured on the Femme Fatales dynamic diorama will be the holder of the Feng Shui engine. Being a taekwondo fighter, looking for revenge against Shadaloo for the death of her parents, Juri joins S.I.N to obtain the power necessary to accomplish her plans.

This piece is made of high Quality polystone, sculpted by Wandah K – Tioxic in 1/6 scale, prototype painted by Hugh Lee, with all the dynamism Kinetiquettes is known for.

Pre order will open soon. Stay tuned!