Imagine being in one small place for 435 days.

Imagine being in one small place for 435 days. That’s how long one dog has been waiting at the Animal Foundation for a new home.

Six-year-old Mona is the shelter’s longest-staying resident, and she really needs the love of a family.

The American Stafford Terrier loves head scratches. Just one of these days, the hope is that petting could lead to someone wanting to take her home.

“She can be very independent at times,” said Delaney Hillier, the shelter’s lead adoption counselor. “It just takes a little while and she warms up to you quickly. She’s just a sweetheart.”

Yet, for whatever reason, Mona doesn’t have a somebody to call her own.

“She’s been here since February of 2017,” explained Hillier.

The 60-pound pup has been passed over for more than 12,000 other animals. That’s made her a staff favorite.

“Anybody you ask, in any department knows Mona. Everybody loves her,” noted Hiller.

Mona is still at the shelter thanks to the Animal Foundation’s promise to become “no-kill” by 2020.

“Through the growth of our life saving programs, we’re able to take care of dogs longer than we ever were before,” said Kelly Leahy, the communications manager for the shelter. “And that’s great. But the reality is, the best place for her is a home, and not the shelter,” she continued.

For Mona, that new home could be with you. “She deserves a great home,” said Hillier.

Sadly, Mona was adopted a couple weeks ago, only to be returned because of an allergy issue.

If you’re interested in adopting Mona, visit the Animal Foundation at 655 North Mojave Road or call the shelter at 702-384-3333.