Accmor Wine Bottle Bag Flask, Portable Wine

Accmor Wine Bottle Bag Flask, Portable Wine Accessories, Reusable Flexible Collapsible Wine Bottles, Leek Proof Liquid Accessories for Travel Camping BBQ Party Beach Hiking Home Kitchen

Package include: 4 wine bottle bag flasks, 1 funnel. Ditch the glass bottle, grab your silicone wine glasses and portable wine bags, going GLASS FREE on your next holiday.

Ever take a bottle of wine to a public venue-then have to toss it in the garbage after a security guard told you glass isn’t allowed?

With Accmor wine bottles, you can drink wine anywhere you want! This innovative plastic pouch allows you to safely transport.

The Accmor reusable wine bottle is your best outdoor choice for the goods below:

– Lightweight & foldable, takes up no space – Wide bottle mouth for easy pouring – Great for other beverages, too – Includes clip-on carabiner & pour accessory – BPA-free & FDA-approved – Easy to clean – Freezer- and cooler-safe – Recyclable & reusable – It holds a liquid without leaking – Funny that is in the shape of a wine bottle, good for tailgating, or traveling where a bottle could break – It stands up straight with liquid in it – Clear so you can see contents

Perfect Travel Accessory for:

– Camping / Boating / Beach – Pool / Picnics / Outdoor Concerts – BBQ’s /Skiing / Tailgating – Any place where glass is prohibited!

Filling Instructions:

1. Remove cap and blow into bottle to expand 2. Pour wine up to 90% FULL and screw cap on – massage bottle FIRMLY FOR 10 SECONDS, including the bottom and corners to further expand the plastic. 3. Remove cap and finish filling full bottle of wine. Screw cap tightly and ENJOY!

If you tend to do a lot of activities where a bottle could possibly leak/break, this is a great option to ensure your alcohol or whatever beverage stays secure.